It is important to realise the the most important part of your business is you! As the business owner, many responsibilities fall on your shoulders and as the owner of a dental practice, there is often many demands on you from both a clinical and management point of view. To this end, it is extremely important that you are focused and able to make the best possible decisions for the day to day running of the practice as well as its strategic growth path. Often as leaders, we forget to take breaks and get bogged down in our practices.

Holidays are an important part of your success as a practice owner. They help to revitalize and re-energize you and ensure that you are focused when you return to work.

Here are five tips for your holiday!

    1. Leave work at work. You have worked hard all year and there is no need for you to take on anymore mental stress during the holiday period. It is unfair on you and your family! Leave it behind. Go and enjoy yourself!
    1. Take regular short breaks. Long weekends away to enjoy the coastal lifestyle this great country offers or perhaps a winery tour down in the Barossa! Getting away often will help ensure you return to work with a renewed focus!
    1. Create systems that staff can follow. This ensures that when you are away, your practice will not suffer. Staff are trained in handling almost everything that will go wrong.
    1. Limit contact with work. Let your senior staff know you will not be responding to emails or texts and if something is extremely urgent, they can call you. You will find just by letting them know this, you will often not get contacted all while you are away!
    1. Enjoy yourself and let loose. Try to not focus on the financial expenditure of your holiday. See it as an investment in yourself and your mental well-being. Enjoy dinner at a nice restaurant, go on that helicopter tour, get that spa treatment… Splurge and live a little!

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