Rubber Dam 101 A Hands-on Isolation Course

Hands-on Rubber Dam Isolation Course covering isolation of a single tooth to a full arch. Working in groups of 3, participants will have to take turns playing the role of a patient, the dentist and the assistant. Please note, you must be willing to play the role of the patient for this course!! Maximum number of participants – 6 per half day. Register early to avoid disappointment.

Course Topics

  • Single Tooth Isolation
  • Posterior Quadrant Isolation
  • Anterior Sextant Isolation
  • Full Arch Isolation
  • Choosing the Ideal camp for the case
  • Floss Ties-When to use and which knot to use
  • Adjunt Tools- Teflon Tape and liquid dam to aid isolate

Presented by Dr Sahil Soni

Dr Sahil Soni’s courses are extremely popular and along with the fact he maintains small class sizes to give each participant adequate interaction, sometimes the courses get booked out within one day of release.

To get on the waitlist for the next RUBBERDAM course, please fill in your details below. We will release to the waitlist one day before release to the general public. Please note this will not guarantee you a place but will significantly increase your chance