Dental Practice Market Appraisal

Thinking of selling your Dental Practice?

Thinking of offering an associate a buy-in?

Unsure what price to accept for your practice in the current market?

Practice Ownership Consulting can provide a detailed analysis of your practice allowing you to have all the current and relevant information to make informed decisions. Our expertise comes from having intimate knowledge of the current market for dental practice sales and also being involved directly and indirectly with the sale of more than 70 dental practices around Australia.

What we provide:
  • A detailed customized independent written report including a competition, demographic and practice analysis.
  • Factors and anomalies you may not have considered.
  • Assessment of goodwill and salability of your practice.
  • Assessment of staffing, fitout, equipment, advertising, income, expenses, rent/lease considerations, fees etc.
  • Market appraisal of your practice including what an acceptable price is for your practice.
  • Real world experience (we have sold and purchased dental practices for ourselves and also been involved in the selling and purchasing of numerous other dental practices around Australia).
  • Questions answered over email.
  • All your dental due diligence (you still need accounting and legal advice).
  • Ethical service (we will not take on clients that we may have a conflict of interest with and clients we know that we can’t provide sufficient assistance to).
  • Independent service (we have no vested interests).
  • Up-to-date advice (we know what is happening in the current market).
  • Confidentiality assured (signed agreements before proceeding).

Dental Practice Market Appraisal Cost: $2750 (including GST)

Information Required:
  • Location & Opening Hours
  • Type of work being done (items fee report) & Information about current associates.
  • Information on Financials (at least 1 year of P&L but 3 years is better).
  • Information about the Equipment and Fitout currently present (photos would be ideal).
  • Information about the current lease.

Please email for further information