Have a location in mind to start a dental practice but unsure if it will work?

Practice Ownership Consulting can provide a detailed analysis of the location and allow you to have all the current and relevant information to make informed decisions. Our expertise comes from having started more than 10 successful dental practices in Australia and been involved in the start-up of many more. We know the locations that will work well, the ones that will struggle and the ones that will ultimately end in disaster. We have provided this service for many happy clients already and saved several from potential disaster and others from missed opportunities.

What we provide:
  • A detailed customized independent written report including a competition and demographic analysis.
  • Factors and anomalies you may not have considered.
  • Overall independent expert opinion on opportunities for growth, associated risks and current and future threats.
  • Cashflow projections.
  • Commentary on the lease offer or purchase price.
  • Example floor plans and fit out considerations.
  • Questions answered over email in a timely manner.
  • Up-to-date advice (we know what is happening in the current market).
  • 4 day turnaround (we will have a full report to you within 4 days of receiving the information required).

Dental Practice Startup Location Assessment Cost: $2500 + GST

Information Required:
  • Location & Clinical skills of the Dentist/s that will work at the startup.
  • Information about the site (photos would be ideal).
  • Information about the lease or purchase price of the premises.

Please email admin@practiceownership.com.au for further information.