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Whether you are starting a dental practice, buying into your current workplace or buying a practice that is unknown to you, Practice Ownership Consulting is here to provide you the necessary guidance and advice. We offer one-on-one, customised support for all our clients. Learn from one of the best young dental entrepreneurs in Australia.

Dr Nauv Kashyap has a unique ability to relate to his clients’ situations and provide expert advice built from over a decade of experience in a saturated dental environment. Nauv has owned 15 dental practices through buying and starting up and he continues to own and start new practices. This is practical advice from someone with extensive real-world experience. Please explore our site and contact us for more information or to get started.

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What Our Happy Clients Say..

  • Nauv presents all the information you need for setting up a practice in an organised way, including common mistakes to avoid. With tips on timely installation of phone lines, signage etc. I was able to open my practice with patients booked in from day1, all thanks to Nauv.

    Dr Sahil Soni
  • Nauvneel prevented me making some costly mistakes – most notably, in overpaying rent, and in financial setups. A couple of my friends have had help from Nauv and every single one has been saved from making financial moves that would have hurt them.

    Nauv has bought and sold more practices than most people have visited, and that experience shows in the quality of advice given. Nauv will tell it like it is and has nothing else to sell you, so the advice is pretty darn legit!

    Dr Andrew Thorpe
    Dentist North Qld
  • Dr Kashyap has offered his help and services to our very recent practice, and his business acumen is very evident in his presentation of solutions to common problems that we as dentists, and owners, encounter.

    Within a few weeks of implementing various suggestions, the days got evidently busier.

    I wish Dr Kahyap and his future clients the best, and am sure that this will be a very fruitful extension of his already very successful portfolio.

    Dr Emmanuel Sim
  • Dr Nauvneel Kashyap has been absolutely invaluable in providing me with good, honest, unbiased and accurate advice with regards to practice ownership.

    Nauvneel is very knowledgable in all aspects of practice ownership and his advice is provided in an easily understood fashion. Not only does he take great care in honest advice but also has your best interest at heart. I will happily recommend Nauv to anyone interested in practice ownership and will definitely be consulting with him in the future.

    Dr Giselle Henning