Do you want a health check on your practice to see how it is performing in comparison to its peers and industry standards?

Do you have specific goals you would like to achieve? For example, would you like to increase profit? increase revenue? reduce expenses? expand? move into self-owned premises? reduce your own clinical hours? etc


Do you want a long-term growth plan and strategies on how to achieve this?


Practice Ownership Consulting can provide a detailed analysis of your practice allowing you to have all the current and relevant information to make informed decisions. Our expertise comes from owning and operating numerous dental surgeries in different locations and demographics around Australia. Our surgeries have a combined turnover of over 15 Million dollars.

What we provide:


  • A detailed customized independent written report including a competition, demographic and practice analysis addressing any specific goals you would like to achieve.
  • Blind spots and other factors you may not have considered.
  • Assessment of goodwill and saleability of your practice.
  • Assessment of staffing, fitout, equipment, advertising, income, expenses, rent/lease considerations, fees etc.
  • Benchmarking and comparison to industry standards. Specific advice and tips on any areas that need improving.
  • Profit and loss analysis along with EBITDA calculations.
  • Cashflow projections.
  • Real world experience (we’re dentists ourselves and currently own and operate dental surgeries with a combined turnover of over 15 Million).
  • Questions answered over email in a timely manner.
  • Up-to-date advice (we know what is happening in the current market).
  • Confidentiality assured (signed agreements before proceeding).

Dental Practice Health Check Cost: $3000 + GST

Information Required:


  • Specific goals you would like to achieve.
  • Location & opening hours.
  • Type of work being done (items fee report) & Information about current associates.
  • Profit & loss statement for at least the past year but 3 years is better.
  • Payroll summary report for at least the past year but 3 years is better.
  • Information about the Equipment and Fitout currently present (photos would be ideal).
  • Information about the current lease.


Please email for further information