Rubber Dam 101 A Hands-on Isolation Course

Hands-on Rubber Dam Isolation Course covering isolation of a single tooth to a full arch. Working in groups of 3, participants will have to take turns playing the role of a patient, the dentist and the assistant. Please note, you must be willing to play the role of the patient for this course!! Maximum number of participants – 6 per half day. Register early to avoid disappointment.

Course Topics

  • Single Tooth Isolation
  • Posterior Quadrant Isolation
  • Anterior Sextant Isolation
  • Full Arch Isolation
  • Choosing the Ideal camp for the case
  • Floss Ties-When to use and which knot to use
  • Adjunt Tools- Teflon Tape and liquid dam to aid isolate

Presented by Dr Sahil Soni