Nauv’s Scaling and Growth Group 2023


Meeting 1 & 2 - Feb 17th & 18th 2023
K & L Gates Brisbane, 16/66 Eagle St, Brisbane City. 8am Arrival
Meeting 3,4 & 5 - May 5th,6th,7th 2023
K & L Gates Brisbane, 16/66 Eagle St, Brisbane City. 8am Arrival
Cost for individual: $15,000+gst
Cost with additional person: $18,500+gst

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Payment Details

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2% credit card fee applies to all credit card payments.



Participants agree:
1. To keep all discussions and disclosures in the session confidential
2. Not to refer to another person’s contributions in the workshop in any other setting unless they invite or give permission for you to.
3. Not to distribute, share, copy, publish or in any way reproduce any of the materials provided to them in the workshops or closed social media discussions
4. Not to record audio or video at workshops or screenshot any aspect of discussions on social media.
5. That Practice Ownership Consulting, Dr. Nauv Kashyap or any staff will be held responsible for any other member of the group breaking any confidentiality.
6. Indemnify Practice Ownership Consulting, Dr Nauv Kashyap and any staff against any claims which may arise from attendance at workshops
Cancellation policy
*Housekeeping and Cancellation Policy - Please Read*
We will send through registration forms and invoices. We requirement upfront payment for the entire year.
Our cancellation policy:
1) we will endeavor to move date (reschudule) the particular seminar if many attendees are affected.
2) if the rescheduled date does not suit you, or if just your state is affected but the seminar continues, we will offer a pro rata refund for the remaining meeting/s.
3) if you prefer, instead of a refund, you can attend the equivalent meeting you missed, the following year
**Please understand that this policy is rigid. It is ONLY activated if government restrictions are on place. If travel is allowed but you yourself prefer not to, unfortunately we cannot offer the above.
If you need to cancel for ANY OTHER REASON that does not include a covid restriction, we cannot provide a refund. What we will do in that instance is to allow you to attend the equivalent seminar in the 2024 intake. Your deferral can only be taken again in 2024 and if not taken then the full amount will be forfeited
If there is no 2024 intake, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of any seminar.
We want to be fair about cancellations especially with Covid uncertainty but we are also conscious that demand from this programme is significant and if people are unable to attend after committing (not covid related), it not only affects the dynamics of the group but takes away a position from someone else who may have been interested. We have endeavored to give area exclusivity too.