Hourly Consulting

Do you have questions related to practice ownership but do not require a full mentoring programme?

Nauv on Demand is the answer! Hourly phone/skype consulting

Common questions
  • Should I buy into my existing practice? How much should I pay?
  • I’m looking at an area for a startup, what things should I consider?
  • There is a practice for sale, is it a good value purchase?
We give advice on all areas related to:

Practice startup

  • Buying into existing place of employment
  • Buying a practice for sale
  • Marketing
  • And much more….

Mentoring Programme for Practice Startup

A full programme for those looking to start their own practice. Daunted by thought of starting your own practice? Unsure what is involved but are determined to get into ownership? Do you want a mentor at your beck and call through the entire start-up process?

  • Includes 2 hours of skype/telephone calls a week, unlimited email questions and timely replies.
  • All aspects of practice startup from location selection to one week post startup.
  • Analysis of 5 different locations until we agree on a suitable suburb.
  • Usually runs for 16 weeks but can be longer by negotiation.

Practice purchase advice

A thorough analysis of a potential practice you may want to buy including turnover, fees, competition analysis, assessment of goodwill and the ability to replicate current goodwill. Analysis on purchase price as well as the associated risks within the practice. All your dental due diligence (you still need accounting and legal advice)

Customized marketing plan

Costed marketing plan customized for your area taking into account competition and demographics. Data on what works and what doesn’t in different socioeconomic areas has been collected over many years and thoroughly analysed allowing marketing efficiencies.